Dianne for Ward 40 Alderman 2019
Alderman Ward 40 2019


Educator. Mother.
Community Leader for Us.

Meet Dianne Daleiden

I moved to Edgewater 35 years ago as a young newlywed and raised my son Griffin, who is now a young Chicago lawyer. This is where I became a first-time homeowner, businesswoman and active community volunteer. Fifteen years later I launched my teaching career, first at Sacred Heart and, since 2005, as a tenured math and science Chicago Public Schools teacher and proud Chicago Teachers Union and LSC member.

Over the past decade I have seen our hard-working families, friends and neighbors become profit centers for the downtown corporate and tourism trade. For decades, our City Council has transferred our neighborhoods’ wealth to downtown. Then cynically, City Hall gives tax breaks to the very corporations who outsource our jobs and receive TIF money that is skimmed from our schools, parks, health clinics and libraries. This must stop.


Our Priorites

Invest in Our Neighborhoods

Dianne knows that when government lines the pockets of powerful and connected insiders, we lose jobs and are forced to cut services our communities desperately need. She believes in requiring elected officials to stand up and defend how they spend public money, ensuring that spending reflects our shared priorities: education, health, safety, environmental protections, transportation, jobs and smart economic growth.

Fight for Human Rights

Dianne has fought discrimination throughout her life. She is a tireless defender of equality — equal protections under the law, equal pay for equal work, equal employment and housing opportunities. She is proud that marriage equality is a reality in Illinois, and  knows that much work remains to ensure that all people are treated as equals.

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Maintain Strong and Safe Public Schools

Dianne believes that strong schools make strong communities. As an educator, mother and community activist, Dianne will continue to work for all public schools to be adequately and equitably funded, ensuring   the stability and safety that only fully-funded neighborhood public schools can provide to all of Chicago’s children and families.

Create Jobs and Help Grow the Local Economy

Dianne will promote Chicago-based businesses and industries that create jobs, and economic stability in our communities.  Dianne will foster vibrant partnerships between local businesses and residents, keeping tax dollars in the community, and enabling local businesses to be competitive in this new age of the digital economy.


Dianne understands that energy sustainability can begin at the state, city and ward levels. Chicago can be a model for how cities can fight climate change and foster sustainability. 2018 was a record-breaking year in rising greenhouse gas emissions, and Dianne knows that the time for action is long overdue. 

Restore Public Trust

Dianne believes Chicagoans want an honest government, but for that to happen we must vote. In the past three Ward 40 aldermanic elections, only 35–38% of registered voters turned out to vote.. We must elect  officials who are not beholding to the corporate machine that City Hall has become. We must vote for candidates who will work for us and who are not accountable to special interests. Dianne is running for Alderman of the 40th Ward because she believes in serving the the ward and knows ward residents deserve better.

Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

Dianne believes that all of us — young and old, straight and gay, female and male — should be safe in all neighborhoods. She knows the connections between poverty, inadequate education and crime. Dianne  will work to end poverty at every turn and push the City to maintain adequate levels of firefighters and police officers on the job to ensure the safety of all.

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Join the Movement

I believe our neighborhoods have the potential be Chicago's shining example of unity, progress, education, and small business success. Getting there requires breaking through the hold that machine politics has had on us. After almost defeating a 32 year incumbent in the last election and then running for Ward 40Committeeman (earned 45+%), I am ready to lead. Will you help me bring a new era to the 40th Ward?

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Dianne is the right person for the job. She has the experience, dedication and heart to take us back to where we should be.
— Laura Kelber | Illinois resident
Dianne is a hard worker and a proven leader you can trust.
— Megan Durst | Illinois Resident